Con Texte (ISSN: 2561-4770) is situated in Laurentian University’s Centre for Humanities Research and Creativity.  It is run by students in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Masters in Sudbury, Ontario.  Published by: the Centre for Humanities Research and Creativity at Laurentian University.  We publish online, and seek international submissions in either French or English, from scholars at all career levels. Please view our call for papers on the submissions page.  All of our articles are Open Access.

Vol 1 No 1 (2017): The Humanities as a Form of Resistance

The first issue of Con Texte, Laurentian University’s interdisciplinary humanities graduate student journal, will explore the various forms of text that ignite revolutionary forms of political and social resistance.  Works should reflect the ever present need for political resistance as expressed through the humanities and emphasize the role and importance of text as a means of pedagogy, revolution, and reformation.  When politics fall into dangerous and threatening forms, many of us have few alternatives for opposition.  This edition will explore the importance of text in maintaining our sense of the world, creating culture and national identity, and centring our communities within their own power.  

Published: 2017-12-31

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